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sorry to disappoint everyone but papa johns has put their 50% off offer in the bin. it’s been replaced by a small pizza for £5.99 but let’s be real here who wants to eat a small pizza plus you have to spend £12.99 for delivery so you’ll have to buy more and who wants to do that tbh. so if you want to order papa johns then instead order for collection (ya u have to walk whatever lose weight thicc boi) and you can get an xxl for £11.99 which is 16 inches of cheesy tomatoey pizza and who doesn’t want that. if you order for delivery after 10pm on any given day papa john will deliver it and your throat will be sliced thanks. also don’t be mean to the staff they make minimum wage and they are all teenagers they don’t know where your order is bc they can’t drive this has been papa john updates
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